Braves inch closer to playoffs..

At this point I’m not even sure what I should be saying as a Braves blogger. Should I stay positive and ride the train of “they’ll be fine” or do I sit here and say “Oh man the sky is falling in Atlanta”. I guess I just don’t see the point in being overly negative. Will being negative and bashing the team’s poor play really change anything? Probably not. All it will do is get me more riled up then I already am.

This team is not playing good baseball right now. Why? It’s really tough to say at this point. There are slumping players and poor pitching performances occurring more and more often. That could be it but I mean this team has over come all of those things this season. Is this the first time the offense has slumped? Is this the first time the pitching has faltered? Not at all.

However this is the first time that this team has not been able to figure out how to win games. Bad pitching or bad offense this team has always been able to figure out ways to win. It’s that simple. Right now this team appears to be in a free fall. You know the saying “when it rains, it pours?”. Well that’s the Braves right now. They are on sort of horrible slide right now and they just can’t seem to turn it around.

Will switching the order around help? It’s possible but I mean I’ve never heard of a World Series caliber team who switched their line up every single night. I think players need some consistency. These guys never know who’s playing, where they’ll be playing or in what spot in the order they’ll be hitting in.

As we search for answers I think that we will find ourselves beating a dead horse. I could write 40 more paragraphs telling you that the Braves aren’t playing good baseball. But the only way they can fix this thing is to start winning games. YES! It’s that simple. String together a few wins. Right now they are going to the ball park expecting to lose and hoping to win. Let me say that again. They are going to the ball park expecting to lose and hoping to win. You can’t have that type of attitude in professional sports.

I think the critical stretch for the Braves comes this weekend against the Mets. Braves will be playing a weaker division team at home, while the Cardinals will have to travel to Philadelphia for a 4 game set.

This stretch is crucial for 2 reasons. One the match up for the Braves is much better. I’d much rather play the Mets at home who are putting a AAA line up out on the field every night then go to Philadelphia to face the Phillies great pitching staff. Look at what the Phillies did to the Brewers. That should say it all. We have a very favorable match up where we can win 2/3. I doubt the Cardinals will win more then 1 game in their series.

The second reason this weekend is big is because the Cardinals will make up some ground on the schedule. Where will that “half” game that’s lingering in the standings go? Will the lead bounce up to a 5 or down to 4? Or where ever it may be at the time. I’d love to have that half game turn into a full game with a Cardinals lose this weekend.

I think we need to win the next 2 in Florida and then see where were at. Mike Minor is on the hill tonight. Hopefully he’ll give us a solid effort. That’s all we can hope for.

By: Bob McVinua




One comment

  1. Carlos Collazo

    I’d say we were just due for this kind of slump. The beginning month or two was bad but after that Atlanta has been dominant. We aren’t the Phillies and their nice payroll so it’s difficult for us to be dominant the whole year. This is why baseball has a long season. Any good team has rough patches, except for the ’11 Phillies.

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