Winter Meetings Day 1

So there’s been a complete day at the Winter Meetings with not even a single rumor coming out of the Braves camp. This doesn’t surprise anyone, especially not Braves fans. We know how Frank Wren operates and sometimes keeping quiet is the best way to go. He’s known for his sudden and sometimes jaw dropping moves that come out of no where.

A year ago no one expected him to go out and get a guy like Dan Uggla. Despite what anyone says about how he performed during the first half of last season, no one can deny that the guy is incredibly talented. His power numbers are absolutely off the chart for his position and Frank Wren went out and got him.

I’m extremely torn about the Atlanta Braves right now. So I can argue both sides and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’ll let you guys be the judge of which argument is better. I’d love to hear your feedback.

No Shakeups At All:

Frank Wren said himself that he believed this is a 95 win team that underperformed late in the season. I have to agree with him. The injuries didn’t do us any favors but we still could have won 92-95 games and made the playoffs. There was just no excuse for what happened in Sept.

When will it ever be enough? That has to be what Frank Wren is thinking because that’s what I’m thinking as I hide behind my lap top trying to play GM for the Braves. We need a power bat from the right side. Alright, I’ll bring Dan Uggla to town. But Frank Wren we can’t win without team speed. Alright, no problem I’ll bring Michael Bourn to Atlanta. Those are two outstanding players and people don’t fully realize that. Bourn is one of the fastest guys in the game and the cream of the crop as far as center fielders go. He’s a great player. Easily a top 10 center fielder in the league. Dan Uggla is easily a top 10 second baseman, I could easily argue him as a top 5 without any problem at all. He is what he is and Bourn is what he is. They aren’t perfect but no player can do it all, or I should say very few. They are no without flaw but Wren brought two great guys to this organization.

At some point in time the Braves are going to have to perform at a high level. That’s all there is to it. Wren could put all-stars at EVERY position for next season and if THEY struggle then we still wont win a World Series.

How many more moves can we expect Frank Wren to make? We are not the New York Yankees and to be honest I think he’s put a pretty good team out there for the payroll that we have. The offense NEVER clicked. I can’t think of one stretch of more then a week where the offense looked good. If this offense, yes the offense we have right now starts to hit then this team could easily win 95 games. It’s just like anyone in this world, you need to realize your potential before you can be great.


Lets Be Aggressive And Make Some Moves:

After last seasons collapse this team has NO choice but to make some major moves. You can’t put the same team out there that choked in Sept and expect the fan base to stay loyal. The chemistry was arguably the biggest reason why the team collapsed in the first place. No one on the team had any sense of urgency.

Besides that, look at what’s going on around us in the N.L East. The Phillies brought in Jim Thome and Jonathan Papolbon. Those are some big names coming to the city of brotherly love. The Marlins have already made two big signings as well by bringing in Heath Bell and Jose Reyes.

We already know that the Nationals are likely to improve a little bit either with the talent that they already have or the talent they may acquire via trade or free agency. The Mets may be the weakest team in the division next season but I’m not even counting on them as a team that’s going to roll over a die.

My point being this is no longer a clear cut 2 team race. The Marlins are expected to make some major noise and the Nationals should be right there as well. You play the majority of your schedule against division opponents, yes I’ve decided to state the obvious. But with that being said we need to improve our squad or we could potentially fall to 3rd or 4th in this division.



Both of these arguments are valid. Which way will Frank Wren go? Your guess is as good as mine. Would you rather see the Braves shake things up for next season? Or would you just like to see last years team play at a higher level? Are we ready to win now? Let me know your thoughts.

By: Bob McVinua


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